Charlottenburg Flat
Berlin (DE)

A Berlin apartment transformation working with and recreating the historic spaces and features
This spacious two-bedroom apartment in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district boasts many original features, which unfortunately through several ill-conceived renovations had obscured or destroyed these unique characteristics.

We aimed to restore the apartment's grandeur in our renovation. We removed non-original stud walls restoring the beauty of the original cornices and parquet flooring throughout the three interconnected, large drawing rooms towards the street.

The kitchen and bathroom are located facing the courtyard. In the kitchen space we added two small walls bookending the work surface, hiding a chimney as well as the fridge and oven. The bespoke kitchen units feature distinct timber fronts and a limestone countertop and splashback. To accentuate the room's elegant proportions, we incorporated oversized hanging cabinets that use the full ceiling height of the space for maximum storage and a surprising spatial effect. The built-in window seat adds character and a relaxing ambiance to the space, while also providing additional storage.
We completely gutted and restructured the adjoining bathroom to create a calm and bright space with modern interpretations of historic elements. A separate walk-through wardrobe/utility zone was added in front of the bathroom, and the suspended ceiling was removed to showcase the room's original height. Bespoke features in timber add warmth to the bathroom. We also provided guidance on choosing and arranging the client’s furniture throughout the apartment to create a cohesive and harmonious space.

Location: Berlin (DE)
Year: 2018-19
Client: Private 
Team: Sebastian Koepf, Andreas Lechthaler
Collaborators: George Jerger
Image credits: ALA/Klaud