Daniel Boyd: Rainbow Serpent (Version)
Gropius Bau, Berlin (DE)

The large-scale window installation envelops the building’s architecture in a second layer of skin
Daniel Boyd’s ‘Rainbow Serpent (Version)’ is his most comprehensive exhibition in Europe to date. It provides a counter perspective of the colonial narrative of Australia’s history which is also reflected in his work in the context and architecture of the Gropius Bau.

Klaud developed the testing and execution of the large-scale window installation which wraps around the windows of the historical building. The window foil had to create a specific shadow effect throughout the space during the day. The listed windows of the historic building had to be taken in consideration for the technical execution.

Location: Gropius Bau, Berlin (DE)
Year: 2023
Client: Gropius Bau
Curator: Stephanie Rosenthal & Carolin Köchling
Team: Andreas Lechthaler, Sebastian Koepf, Alcina Lo
Image credits: Luca Girardini, Klaud