L House
Silver Lake, Los Angeles (US)

Refurbishment of a 1960s Silver Lake House in Los Angeles framing the different views through and out the building
Working closely with the owner, we developed a strategy to sympathetically refurbish the property. Our interventions included internal restructuring and replacing the windows to remain true to the modernist style. One of the main priorities for the client was to have better access to the garden, which led to a flipped internal layout where the front door was replaced with a garden door. This change also allowed for the creation of an open living and dining area that brings everybody together.

The bedrooms were reviewed to cater to the specific needs of each family member, with special features being retained and enhanced. A particular focus was put on the management of natural light and framing of views through and out the building. Additionally a former utility space was converted into a serepate self-contained flat.

Location: Silver Lake, Los Angeles (US)
Year: 2016
Client: Private 
Interior Design: Emily Farnham
Team: Andreas Lechthaler
Image credits: ALA/Klaud, Stephen Schauer