Sprüth Magers Gallery: LA
Los Angeles (US)

Transforming a listed 1960s building into a contemporary art gallery and office space at Wilshire Boulevard
In 2015, Sprüth Magers Gallery sought to establish a new location in a listed 1960s building on Los Angeles' prestigious Wilshire Boulevard, and enlisted our help to reimagine the interior spaces.

Through a meticulous process of stripping away layers of previous additions and concealing technical infrastructure, we were able to create pure and characterful spaces that provide the perfect backdrop for a rotating arts programme and establish a seamless connection between the interior and the surrounding outdoor spaces.

Location: Wiltshire Boulevard, Los Angeles (US)
Year: 2015-16
Client: Sprüth Magers Gallery
Collaborators: AECOM
Team: Andreas Lechthaler, Mark Przyrembel, Sebstian Koepf
Image credits: Joshua White Photography/Sprüth Magers Gallery. Artworks in images by: Frank Stella, Eric Fischl, John Baldessari
Links: wallpaper.com