Uriel Orlow: Conversing With Leaves
Kunsthalle Mainz (DE)

Establishing a distinctive architectural identity for a body of work that can be evolved to suit different venues
We have developed a spatial journey for the exhibition Conversing With Leaves - from the origins of colonialism, via the anti-apartheid movement, to dealing with contemporary issues reflecting the artist’s recent focus and African-European relations.

For every exhibition venue where this body of work has been showcased the conceptual architectural language had to be adapted and evolved to suit the new space. We worked with industrial shelving components and transport crates to give the shows a distinctive design language. We’ve developed a strategy to magnetically attach speakers for sound pieces and to imagine and realise oversized projection screens to be suspended from the ceiling.  

Location: Kunsthalle Mainz (DE)
Year: 2019-20
Client: Uriel Orlow, Kunsthalle Mainz
Curator: Stefanie Böttcher
Team: Andreas Lechthaler, Sebastian Koepf, Natalie Savva
Image credits: ALA/Klaud, Norbert Miguletz, Gunnar Meier
Links: urielorlow.net / kunsthalle-mainz.de