On Happiness
Wellcome Collection, London (UK)

On Happiness celebrates the complexity of positive emotions in two parallel exhibitions Joy and Tranquility
On Happiness included two simultaneous exhibitions - Joy and Tranquillity. Both celebrated the intricate and complex nature of positive emotions.

Tranquillity showcased a combination of new commissions, historic artefacts and contemporary art. For Joy we created an uplifting atmosphere with bright rooms and splashes of colours, guiding the visitor along some of the many paths to joy that diverse communities have sought. 

Both exhibitions included historic artefacts, which required strict adherence to conservation guidelines while ensuring that each piece was presented in the best possible manner.

The show's design accessibility was also a special focus, with careful consideration given to visitor guidance, placement and design of seating, as well as the positioning of art with all visitors' needs in mind.
Planning the show took place during the coronavirus pandemic, which meant that spatial designs had to be reviewed several times to comply with the changing government guidelines and social distancing rules. Despite the challenges, the team was able to adapt and create safe and enjoyable exhibitions for all visitors.

Location: Wellcome Collection, London (UK)
Year: 2021-22
Client: Wellcome Collection
Curator: Laurie Britton Newell & George Vasey
Team: Andreas Lechthaler, Sebastian Koepf, Natalie Savva, Alcina Lo, Andrea Boito, Barbara Wagner-Rainbird
Image credits: ALA/Klaud, Steven Pocock/Wellcome Collection. Artworks shown in images by: Chrystel Lebas, Harold Offeh, David Shrigley, Jasleen Kaur, Stefanie Posavec
Links: wellcomecollection.org